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Delhi's healthcare infrastructure has almost collapsed and Covid-19 still causing so many deaths has made a very devastating effect on the people of Delhi.

Trying the best we can, we the people of Rohini have formed a WhatsApp group to share all resources we have with each other.

We urge each one of you to join, help or get helped from this platform, Sharing latest news and resources like information about available beds, oxygen refills and cylinders, Medicines and food. Enter the group by clicking the link below or scan this QR code.


Also, there has been a lot of difficulties in finding Plasma for recovered people, every day we've been watching a lot of stories where people are unable to find plasma, causing so many deaths and it is really very heartbreaking.

To prevent such things to happen in the future, we are also making a list of people that have been tested positive for the corona virus. Once they recover from it, their plasma can be used to treat other people. If you are positive and want to help more people once you recover, kindly fill the form linked below, also share it with as much people as you can.

Verified Resources

- Delhi Government has started a website to check the availability of Covid-19 beds, keep checking it for latest updtaes.

- Dr. Reddy has launched a website to track the availability of Remdesivir injections in real-time., 1800-266-708

- Cipla is currently giving Remedesivir injections directly to the hospital where a patient has been admitted in order to avoid the black marketing of the medicines.,, 8657311088

- Hetero :, 04040473535

- Keep a check on our Instagram for daily updates regarding all the supplies. - @rohinitimes

For more information, contact 

Vansh Mor (+91 9654907855)

Ruhi Bhatia (+91 88260 82052)

Samarth Narula (+91 8750033223)