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The place where skills matter, not certificates.

Unswerving employment and free education for everyone is one of the prudential visions of our Founder, Mr. Vansh Mor.

Rohini Times being a local news agency and a subsidiary of Rohini Media, a growing media company bestows upon us the ability to cater to this exigency.

Doesn’t matter if you are still a student or an experienced working professional, we have got opportunities for everyone.

Apart from professional working jobs, we also offer free training classes and internships for students that are willing to learn more about media and how the whole industry works.


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Projects for everyone, Free trainings for everyone.

Open Vacancies

We are always looking for new people that are driven with passion and committed to delivering quality work in the minimum time possible. We want experienced working professionals that are the best in their respective fields.

When it comes to quality work, we never see money as an issue and that's the reason there's no cap on salaries we are ready to pay to the deserving professionals.

Following is the list of open vacancies we have at our company. People seriously interested in working full-time or on contract can contact our HR Manager, Mr. Samarth Narula who takes care of all the talent we get. 

"मैं कर लूंगा"

नहीं चाहिए 

"मैंने किया है"

चाहिए :)

Requirements - Fluent with Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple Final Cut Pro X. Knows operations with green screen, color correction and grading, vintage effects (super 8mm looks, grain, and vinyl scratches) 

Ability to edit eye-catchy teasers and montages. 

Should be aware of basics of audio engineering.

Salary - Full time: No Cap, Contract : depends on the project

Professional Video Editor

Requirements - Fluent with Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD/Figma)

Expert in creative thinking, creating logos and illustrations from scratch, combines colors well and the basics of Web and UI/US design. Understands market emotions and designs attractive ad campaigns.

Salary - Full time: No Cap, Contract : depends on the project

Professional Graphic Designer

Requirements - Good communication skills, stays up to date with online trends, fluent with Facebook Business Suite, must know basics of LinkedIn, knows how to make meme duh... great if dank xd

Must know how to run Ad campaigns on IG, FB, Linked In, Google, and YouTube.

Salary - Full time: INR 1,20,000/PA (Base Pay), Contract : depends on the project

Social Media Manager/Meme Maker

Requirements - Expert in WordPress Creation and Management, must know utilisation of WP Plugins like Elementor, Yoast SEO, Woo Commerce etc,

For coded websites - fluent in HTLM, CSS, and JS

(Python and MySQL are appreciated)

Ability to write good and professional copies.

Salary - Full time: INR 2,40,000 - 3,20,000/PA (Base Pay), Contract : depends on the project

Website Developer

Requirements - Expert in XCode IDE and other Apple Resources, App Prototyping, Swift, C++, Critical and logical thinking. Stays up to date with the Apple design principles.

Salary - Full time: INR 3,40,000 - 5,20,000/PA (Base Pay), Contract : depends on the project

Apple Developer

Requirements - Expert in Product photography, commercial and E-Commerce shoots, Experience of more than two years (cameras, lights and other production equipment will be provided by the company.)

Salary - Full time: No cap (Base Pay), Contract : depends on the project


More opportunities coming soon!