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All about Netaji Subhash Place (NSP) Pitampura Delhi

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Looking for a place to wade off couple of hours and replenish your chill. Well then, this place seems to be just right for you!

A perfect place for all the foodies out there. This place is clustered with amazing food lookouts round every corner.

From pasta to burgers, softies to truffles you can't get enough of this place, there's always something left unexplored! Still attempting to make your visit a worthy one mentioned here are some majorly appreciated locales.

• Billu's Hut- Pasta lovers must definitely try this out.

• Barbeque Nation- fond of the tandoori magic, you'll not want to miss out on this.

• Hori Laal Pan- love to explore the fusion of ethnic and crazy, the fire and chocolate paan might just suit you perfect.

• Burger King- looking for a healthy and tasty dine, watch out for this place.

And so much more.

The footover bridge is the calming centre where you'll want to close your eyes and just get lost in the breeze for a moment. The running metro and the office buildings give you exactly what we can state as the "metropolitan vibe."

Adding up to the virtues of the location, exists the Dilli Haat just adjacent to the metro station. Family outings amidst festivities or ethnic entourages of your not-so-familiar-with-Delhi acquaintances are kinda incomplete without a peck on the colours of this hub.

Metro can sometimes become monotonous and tiring after all the grey shades of modernization, the Nsp market can provide you with the much needed breaks and calming winds and fill colour in the grey slabs in such cases.

Closing in on the attempt to glorify the colorful existence of this locality we'd love to hear your unique experiences and preferences on the same.

Have fun!

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