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Pandemic Anxiety

These are probably the most overwhelming and anxious times in the life of any basic Indian, there isn’t any blessing in disguise as of now apart from the fact that this pandemic has actually made us all value life a little more, there are noted accounts of people helping and praying for the well being of a stranger which actually is quite rare and uncommon now.

Teenagers and early adults have been exhibiting sheer amount of apathy towards countless strangers on the internet, people from the late adulthood and seniority are constantly relying on their children or grandchildren in order to help their fellow companions or get helped themselves, it’s a complete case of positive role exchange which is quite mesmerizing, although public health emergencies like the corona virus might not affect the biological well-being of every individuals but it definitely affects the psychological well-being (causing insecurity, confusion, emotional isolation ,and stigma).

These effects may translate into a range of emotional reactions such as distress or psychiatric conditions. Some groups may be more vulnerable than others to the psychosocial effects of the pandemic, the mental health of people who fall under the age group of 16-25 and 60-80 is reportedly at higher risk, there have been a lot of initiatives from the side of numerous people but with the growth of the second wave nothing seems to really work, but the fact that we all are sailing in the same boat itself helps us in understanding the mental nick of everyone around us and also encourages us to keep a constant check on our loved ones or anyone around us who could be in an uncomfortable state.

Thousands of articles have been published suggesting several ways to calm the covid anxiety but this is simply for everyone who feels like nothing works on them. We are all together in this.

- Ruhi Bhatia

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